Retreat Dates:  

Sunday, March 4–Friday, March 9.  Check-in is Sunday, after 3pm. Check-out is Friday, before 11am.

Our Art & Yoga Retreat runs for 6 consecutive days (5 nights)

Sample Daily Itinerary (subject to change):

9-10:30am Circle and Yoga

10:30-11am Morning Break

11-12:30pm Art

12:30-2:30 Midday Break

2:30-4:30 Art

4:30-5pm Afternoon Break

5-6:30pm Yoga

6:30-7:30 Dinner Break

Evening programs vary…7:30-9pm

Sample Retreat Schedule (subject to change):



 Day 1…Sunday, March 4

Theme: Connection to Self and Others. 

After check-in, participants are free to explore the retreat site, soak in the healing water, grab a bite to eat at attached restaurant (Latitude 33 where you’ll receive a 10% discount), pour a glass of wine and relax for a spell.  Then please join as a group for a welcome and sharing of upcoming week’s schedule. This first evening’s art & meditation activities are designed to bring focus and awareness to our new surroundings and to connecting with ourselves and others. 



starr night sample (1)

Day 2…Monday, March 5:

Theme: Connection to the Sky

A.M. Yoga workshop, which will follow along with the previous evening’s activity.  After morning yoga, we will explore the vastness of the sky.  As our physical presence will be the subject of Art&Yoga today, we become familiar with our new sense of place and how it feels physically.  Lunch break. Afternoon Art workshop, expanding on the morning’s teachings of physical connection between breath, air, and sky…sun and moon and stars.

YOGA:  Breath and Stillness

ART:  Space





Day 3…Tuesday, March 6:

Theme: Connection to Color & Chakras

This day will be dedicated to integrating body energies with color.  We will concentrate on the power of these colors in our lives and in our art as well.  By combining our learning of balance, power, flow in Yoga with artistic teaching–focusing on color.  We can internalize these energy sources and express ourselves through movement and art.  Observing the sky, water and land around us with a connection to color.
YOGA:  Chakras

ART:  Color and Value

SPECIAL EVENING EVENT:  Crystals and Chakra Point Presentation



2017-08-13 15.11.21-1.jpg

Day 4…Wednesday, March 7:

Theme: Connection to Water

In the morning we will begin our day with a “Creative Flow” Yoga session, focusing on rhythm and movement.  Midday break.  Meet in the afternoon for Art session with expanded imagery…combining flowing movement of body and also in our artistic expression.  Explore the creative force as we reflect on flowing rivers and healing hot springs…culminating in a luxurious soak!
YOGA:  Flowing Movement

ART:  Texture and Form

SPECIAL EVENING EVENT:  Musical Journey with Hieronymus Bogs




Day 4…Thursday, March 8

Theme:  Connection to ourselves, the land and sky, and each other.    

On our final full day together, we will reflect on the past several days, sharing our experiences and finding joy in connecting to ourselves, our place, and our companions during this time together.  We will use a symbol of the “Tree of Life” to reach downward–earthly–with our roots strong and stable, while stretching upward and outward with our branches to see further and strive for the larger connections where we seek to expand and grow.

YOGA:  Power Poses

ART:  Line and Shape

SPECIAL EVENING EVENT:  Paint & Pinot Party!  “Tree of Life” Strength & Flexibility




Day 6…Friday, March 9

Theme: Celebration & Community

We will have a closing circle where we can gather together and have a farewell breakfast and spend some special time with a guided art and yoga practice to send us on our lives’ journeys!