Photos & Testimonials

“To be a participant as well as a witness to the calming and nurturing effects it had on our group was truly rewarding. My own artistic experience was one of illumination. Guided in the process of producing a work of art while being encouraged to reflect on my inner state of being and sense of self, was a beautiful blend. I was thrilled to participate in the awakening of my own creativity and connection to self during Souheir’s workshop.”                                                                             Briana Lescher

“Sonia is an extraordinary yoga teacher.  Not only did she work with us on our strength, flexibility, and balance, but she also tapped into something deeper.  I took classes with Sonia while on an artists’ residency, and I left every class feeling more grounded AND more open to my creative energy.  She quickly adapted what she was doing to the physical and spiritual needs of the group, and never taught a class that felt routine.”

–Laurie Kahn

“Like an ancient Yoga Master, Sonia embodies the practice of yoga in its totality.  In class, she then shares these powerful teachings with an open-hearted and generous way.  I wish I lived closer to her studio, so that I could attend throughout the week!” 

–Damini Celebre

“I have had the privilege of having Souheir Rawlings for my art instructor for over seven years. It has been an amazing experience and has even changed how I view my surroundings. Not only does Souheir have a vast amount of knowledge in many different art mediums, she is so enjoyable to be around. She encourages and instructs in positive ways, and I always feel optimistic about my projects and ideas.”      –Suzi Groverman