Who We Are

Souheir Rawlings
Certified Expressive Arts Educator & Consultant


“When we create more…we destroy less”

Souheir Rawlings has been teaching and consulting for over 20 years.  She is committed to encouraging creative expression with individuals seeking deeper meaning in their lives.  Her support and guidance through private, or small group sessions are structured to provide opportunities for self-growth, fostering appreciation for beauty, and developing a “personal plan” for incorporating more time to enjoy and participate in the creative process.

Souheir Rawlings is a certified Expressive Arts Consultant, having completed her training at PIEAT (Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She is a member of IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association).  Her educational background includes Arts Education credentials and degrees in Human Development.

Souheir is an active artist herself, having studied Art History, Drawing, Painting, and Mixed-Media in Florence, Italy at SACI (Studio Art Center International).  In addition to being a Visual Artist and Consultant/Educator in Expressive Arts Therapy, Souheir practices yoga, runs artist residencies in Italy, and has traveled around the world.  She is an avid gardener and feels most peaceful when she is in nature.

She has worked with all ages and abilities in a variety of materials, capacities, and mediums in private settings, small and large groups, in her studio or off-site as requested.  It is her belief that through support and encouragement–combined with an extensive background in the arts and education herself, she is able to guide others in their efforts to communicate and create.  Expanding one’s imagination and communication through the Expressive Arts allows the creator to gain understanding and ability to convey their thoughts and feelings visually. In this way, the artist “bridges” understanding while building skills, in a supportive atmosphere which promotes personal growth through art.

Souheir lives half the year in the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana where she has a home and studio in the woods.  During the Winter and Spring, she co-directs Artist Residencies and Retreats in New Mexico and Venice, Italy. She has spent a great deal of time traveling the world–from Alaska to North Africa, learning how diverse cultures use art for therapeutic as well as aesthetic reasons–to enrich their own lives, and those in their communities.  She travels across the states and internationally, bringing Expressive Arts training opportunities to private individuals, schools, businesses and groups. Team building, professional, and personal growth through the creative process are her strengths. Her training as an artist included instruction in Portrait & Figure drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at SACI. Her degrees are from Pacific Oaks College in California, where her focus was on human development and education.

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Get in Touch: Email: souheirrawlings@gmail.com    tel:  (406) 250-8821


Sonia Dalessi
Certified Yoga Instructor


“It is my heart’s intent to guide you through yoga practices that are empowering and nurturing for all layers of your being. All of our sessions will be themed in a way that your time on the mat can translate to your life off the mat in a meaningful way.”   — Sonia

Sonia discovered yoga as a teen, when she was a lost, hurt, and confused soul. That first class was a life changing dose of AHA moments that set the stage for her path of healing, self discovery, and connecting deeply to being fully alive through a steady exploration and practice of yoga.

She embraced her gypsy spirit wholeheartedly as a young woman and spent over a decade traveling various parts of the globe, living/working in several yoga centers, studying with a plethora of world renowned teachers, and learning about the essence of the human spirit by immersing in different cultures. Those journeying years strengthened her intuition, compassion, and zest for life; but more importantly it gave her clarity on her sense of purpose and passion to want to share the gifts of yoga with others.

She was certified in 2003 by the Nosara institute of interdisciplinary yoga studies and has been teaching ever since. Over the years she has worked with a multitude of populations including equestrians, artists, children, seniors, men and women recovering from abuse or addiction, curious newbies, and athletes. Regardless of any of those labels, she guides them from her heart, compassionately and intuitively meeting each student exactly where they are. It is her intent to create space for people to feel empowered, at peace, grounded, open, and to connect the true essence of their individual and beautiful human spirit. It is from this place that healing happens and creativity flows.

  • The practice of yoga is a path to inner peace and well being and so is the process of making art.
  • Tap into inspiration and refine your artistic expression with yogic tools and teachings that empower your creative flow.
  • Yoga practice can more fully connect you with your creative mind, body, and soul.
  • Creativity naturally arises in states of presence and stillness. Yoga facilitates dropping into your creative state.
  • When we practice awareness in yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation, we learn to see and let go of the distractions/blocks in the mind. It is from this place of clarity that your inspiration springs forth and creative juices flow freely.
  • Yoga helps us to access the deep places within ourselves that inspire creative ideas to emerge and evolve.

To see more of Sonia’s Work and a list of other workshops by visiting her on Facebook

Get in Touch: Email: yogasonia@outlook.com     tel:  (760) 574-8644



(check in for updates on additional guests…we are so fortunate to have many wonderful and creative folks in our lives!)


c9bac8faf13a4ff13308b0a81aea8d58 (1)Rachel Eckenrod

As an opening ceremony for our time together, Rachel will bathe us in the harmonizing sounds of her crystal singing bowls.

The intent will be to energetically align and clear us individually, as a group, and the studio space that we shall share a lot of our week together in. The sacred circle created will be perfect moments to create meaningful personal intentions for your retreat time.


Hieronymus Bogsdownload

Hieronymus Bogs is a one-man troupe whose musical performances explore the primitive ties between music, poetry & art.

Hieronymus Bogs’s eclectic blend of orchestral folk, spoken word, and performance art nearly evades traditional classification altogether. During one of his intimate performances, you might find the bearded Bogs kneeling penitently, singing, “Lovers, don’t get trapped by illusion,” or someplace offstage beseeching his audience to enter “this half imagined portal.” It’s musical art that’s both unconventional and surprisingly embraceable. Evoking an ancient crooner, Bogs’s voice sits comfortably between Roy Orbison and Scott Walker, with hints of Antony and the Johnsons’s theatricality. Commandingly fusing mystically inspired lyricism and delicately stark instrumentation, his songs set emotions free in an almost hypnotic way. From optimism’s peaks to regret’s chilling depths, his music cycles through potent moods and descriptive imagery, conjuring cinematic landscapes where beggars are clothed, ruins are rebuilt, and beautiful losers waltz through existence.